Good candidates bring people to the polls…

By September 8, 2017News

Democrats in Amarillo have, as of 9/8/17, a candidate for Congress who will be popular with the voters.  To be a good candidate, one has to have an eloquence with spoken communication and a thorough knowledge of the issues with which voters are concerned.  Greg Sagan has both of these qualities and is currently on a “Listening Tour” travel plan to visit all the small towns and hear from anyone who wants to voice a complaint.

Of course, during the last election cycle, we were all inundated  by requests for donations from all directions.  In reality, though, it’s expensive to run a campaign.  Greg Sagan needs your contribution to his campaign so that not only will he have funds to purchase printed materials and gas money for the Listening Tour, but he will bring voters in US House District 13 of Texas to the polls.  We have been in an area that doesn’t have a good voter turnout, but that will change with Greg’s candidacy because his stance on the issues and his visibility will make voters want to elect him.

Please consider a donation to Greg Sagan’s campaign in any amount you would like.

To donate, contact Steve Land –  Steve will answer your email with instructions on where to send the donation and a form to comply with election rules.

This posting is not paid for nor has it been endorsed by Greg Sagan or the Texas Democratic Party or the Potter County Democratic Party or the Randall County Democratic Party.